Because safety is our number one concern, each student's lesson program is designed specifically for them with individual experience, abilities, & goals in mind. Students who do not have a horse of their own are matched with one of our lesson horses, all of which are safe, experienced, well trained, and schooled regularly. 

   Elite Equine Group's lesson programs offer something for everyone, whether a very beginning student or someone who has been riding and showing for years. We offer private, as well as semi-private and group lessons.        

   Thanks to our indoor arena, lessons can continue year round, regardless of the weather. For our beginners and younger students, we recommend starting with private lessons. For older students and those ready to move on,one hour private lessons extend time in the saddle as well as include education on grooming, tacking, and other ground work with and around horses. 

Lessons Designed for Your Needs:


  We offer the following guidelines  for appropriate dress while riding with us.

* Helmets must be worn by ALL RIDERS when mounted.  We provide helmets for our beginning students until they have the opportunity to purchase their own.

* Proper footwear is required.  Boots should have a hard sole and 1/2" heel.  Paddock boots are recommended.

* Straight leg jeans are appropriate for beginning lessons.  Students may find that breeches or jodhpurs are more comfortable as they progress.

* T-shirts, polos and the like are appropriate top layers.  As the weather cools, students will want to add sweatshirts, polar fleece and/or waist length jackets for warmth.

* Riding gloves are appropriate for all riders, year round.

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